• Judgment acceptance system for electronic parts
    The shapes of and characters on discrete parts, SMT parts, parts having special shapes, etc. can be recognized and judged at high speed with high accuracy.
  • Board tester unit
    A variety of parts, from very tiny parts to tall ones, can be inspected to see whether there are any missing parts, wrong parts, displaced parts, unsoldered parts, etc. as well as to check inversion, polarity, etc.
  • Foreign substance removal line
    In the food industry, for example, the system can be used to detect such foreign matters as wood chips, stones, hairs, lint, bits of plastic, paper, and metallic objects.

AI HAYABUSA keeps evolving by
experiencing and leaning.
It features a groundbreaking tool that allows a high-accuracy
image processing system to be built with ease through artificial
The artificial intelligence of AI HAYABUSA combines inference and learning with machine learning. In order to accumulate the user’s empirical rules as knowledge and construct an advanced and flexible computer vision system. AI HAYABUSA has a mechanism built in it to use artificial intelligence for computer vision.