Simple image observation lenses

By connecting a special C-mount close-up ring adapter to a measure scope objective lens, it can be used as a low cost image observation lens. C-mount close up ring adapters come in both fixed and variable types.
By combining them with objective lenses, monitor screen conditions such as field of view, magnification, working distance, etc., can be selected. And, as the variable type adapter comes equipped with variable focus functionality (manual magnification), monitor magnification, etc., can be adjusted by full extension of the adapter.
This is an optical product that is ideally suited to operations such as external inspection and process condition supervision, etc., which require reasonable cost more than high precision.

Objective lens

Objective lens

OBD 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x

OBD 2X PDF Data  DXF Data
OBD 3X PDF Data  DXF Data
OBD 4X PDF Data  DXF Data
OBD 5X PDF Data  DXF Data
OBD 6X PDF Data  DXF Data
OBD 8X PDF Data  DXF Data

C-mount close up ring adapter

C-mount close up ring adapter

Fixed type : 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40mm
Variable type : 45-55mm, 55-65mm, 65-85mm, 85-105mm, 100-130mm, 120-150mm

Fixed type PDF Data  DXF Data
Variable type PDF Data  DXF Data

Examples of combination with fixed type adapters

Examples of combination with fixed type adapters

Examples of combination with fixed type adaptersEight types of fixed type adapters are available at 5 mm intervals.
Even when combined with objective lens, the adapter rings are very compact, making them ideal for mounting on devices.

Examples of combination with variable type adapters

Examples of combination with variable type adaptersSix types of variable adapters are available, enabling variable focus functionality (manual magnification) to be added to objective lenses.
These adapters are ideal for situations where fine adjustment of magnification is required.

Objective lens and close up ring adapter combination performance guide table

Rear converter lens RC series

Rear converter lens RC series
RC-1.5 (1.5X) PDF Data DXF Data
RC-2.0 (1.5X) PDF Data DXF Data
RC-2.5 (2.5X) PDF Data DXF Data
RC-3.0 (3.0X) PDF Data DXF Data
RC-4.0 (4.0X) PDF Data DXF Data
This lens is fitted between the C-mount close up ring adapter and a CCD camera, enabling magnification to be increased without changing the working distance. This is extremely helpful in situations where the magnification needs to be increased while maintaining a certain working distance.
Available magnifications are 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.0x, 4.0x.
* Note that the resolution will be lower than with an objective lens used by itself.

RC-2.0example  RC-2.0

Reflective mirror box

Reflective mirror box : RMB
  • PDF Data
  • DXF Data
Attached to the end of the objective lens, the scope bends the optical axis 90°, so the image can be viewed from the side. This is useful for viewing the side of a workpiece or inside a machine. (The image is inverted.)

RMB seriesRMB-1-2x