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Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection Guideline

  • We are developing our business activities based on our code of conduct in order to gain the confidence of customers and fulfill customer expectations.
  • Because the personal information we collect is the property of each customer and it is also our assets, we handle your personal information by following our Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection Guideline as follows.
  1. MIRUC OPTICAL CO. complies the Private Information Protection Law and related laws and regulations.
  2. We have established a management system for personal information protection, and will publicize the Private Information Protection Law and related laws and regulations to both executives and employees in order to comply with them.
  3. We do not disclose private information provided by indivisual customers to third parties except when such disclosure is agreed to by the customer or for an appropriate purpose.
  4. We try to respond to inquiry, disclosure and other requests for personal information from customers sincerely and quickly.

Collection of your information

  • We may collect personal identifiable information such as customer names, e-mail addresses, mail addresses and phone numbers without prior consent or notice to customer. Also, in order to provide the best products and services, we may collect specific information such as customer ages, sexes, zip codes, educational backgrounds, annual earnings, vocations and preferences for marketing purposes only.

Tracing the Web site access history

  • We may trace the records of which page(s) of this Web site indivisual customer visit and leave, and from which domain name they are accessed to this Web site. Such records may be used for analysis of useful pages and for improvements of this Web site.


  • This “Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection Guideline” has been defined to handle personal information in Japan.
  • Part of the services we provide (including services provided on this Web site) may be unavailable if you do not provide your personal information.
  • When you call us, we may record the telephone conversation to avoid miss hearing.
  • This “Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection Guideline” is subject to change for the enhancement of personal information protection and/or due to the change of applicable laws and regulations.