1.Manufacturing of JAPAN WAY

All of Miruc’s precision instruments and optical devices are MADE IN JAPAN. The precise and delicate craftwork that may be said to be Japan’s specialty is found in the quality, precision and durability of our products, which we confidently recommend to our customers.
The reason we insist on manufacturing our products in Japan is that we want to deliver a long lasting tool that will continue to provide the best of Miruc’s technology, ideas and know-how.

We want to bring the care and reliability of our production, and the craftsman’s spirit, to our customers. We want to provide our customers with a total support package that includes repair and maintenance, and reflects our spirit of care. Miruc will continue to insist on MADE IN JAPAN manufacturing.

Miruc will continue to insist on MADE IN JAPAN manufacturing. Also, Miruc will improve its convenience by collaborating with high-quality overseas manufacturers that bring synergistic effects. We will continue to offer the application and solutions that can be use in wide range by using analog-to-digital and latest AI technology.


2.Our approach to intellectual property rights

Among Miruc’s optical products, there are many that are protected by the acquisition of intellectual property rights, such as patents, design rights, trademarks, etc., and we also have many more applications pending for intellectual property rights in Japan and overseas.
Acquiring protective rights in this way adds value to our products and allows us to provide the customer with the “genuine article”, that they can use with a sense of trust and confidence. And it is Miruc’s concept to sell products protected by property rights at a price lower than their value.