The Self-locking Stage® is a stage that does not move slightly from the fixed position after positioning. (Patented).
It is ideal for workpieces that must not be moved for a long period of time after positioning.
The long strokes of this type of product allow for a wider range of usage.

X axis

XY axis

  • Long stroke travel
  • Use a hex wrench or hex driver to move the stage (*Not included)
  • No clamping operation is required (the stage does not move after the clamping operation)
  • Slim shape
  • The stage does not move slightly in the position where it is stopped.
  • Can be installed in a non-horizontal orientation
Specifications for self-locking stage
Modelstage surface
Travel per rotation
Travel precision(μm)Load capacity N(kgf)Minimum
scale reading
StraightnessDegree of parallelism during operation
SLX4040 x 40±80.7202539.2(4)10.09
SLX6060 x 60±150.7303058.8(6)10.18
SLX40-6040 x 60±150.7303058.8(6)10.13
SLXY4040 x 40±80.7202529.4(3)10.18
SLXY6060 x 60±150.7303049(5)10.36
SLXY40-6040 x 60±150.7303049(5)10.25

※材質 Material : Stage body…aluminum alloy surface treatment…matt black alumite

Comparative table
Miruc optical products
Overseas products×××

Please refer to “Stage Top Page” for the meaning of terms.

The product which poor in precision, you may feel a strangeness in operation of full stroke with sliding the stage from the side by side. The feeling of operation depends on individuals.

“Strange feeling, vigorously scratching something when turning the handle.No smoothness.
Many cases occur when lightened harder together between the rack and pinion.”
For all strokes gets heavier or lighter for unevenness.
Many cases occur when weak tightening between the rack and pinion.
Sliding the stage to one side makes the feeling as if the stages are scratched and becomes heavy.
When sliding it on the opposite side makes it feels lighter.
The play between male/female dovetail groove parts.
The gap between the contact face of gear that is intended to be provided in the direction of movement. By suppressing this gap as much as possible, smooth sliding without backlash.