We want to help children to be able to go to school.

Sometimes you hear that there are many children in the world who are so poor that they cannot go to school.
Girls who look after their younger brothers and sisters and do the housework…
Boys who spend all their time helping with farm work or looking after farm animals…
Children are sometimes forced to be part of the family workforce; we want to help children, who cannot break the cycle of poverty because they are struggling to survive, to have an education.
So, as one part of our contribution to society, we started a scholarship support system to help such children. The slogan for this project is “A bridge to dreams”.

Miruc Optical is a small company.
Maybe we cannot make a huge contribution to society like a major company can.
However, we are determined not to lose our desire of wanting to help such children to create a better life for themselves.
We are overjoyed that we are providing long-lasting support and that we are building a bridge of dreams to the future for hundreds of children.
And someday we want to construct a school and donate it to one of the deprived countries of the world…
That is our goal.

“We were born with this destiny; to challenge fate and to be passionate about our mission”

Miruc Optical Co., Ltd. feels that it has a mission to provide support through scholarships which will change the lives of many children, and we will dedicate our daily work to this end.

Miruc Optical Co., Ltd.
President: Hiroaki Muramatsu

*Photo displayed with permission from Education for Development Foundation Japan.