An unparalleled variety of fittings to correspond to any kind of positioning, coupled with smooth sliding action

Dovetail Stage

Dovetail Stage

The dovetail stage is a sliding unit that can be used in a variety of position settings, from the workplace to device mounting.
With no play in the fixtures or rack, its firm sliding action is made possible by the craftsman’s careful work on each individual product.
Used as a standard positioning component in FA and other industrial fields, it is also widely used as a machine element part for tooling, etc.

As the Miruc dovetail stage can be combined in a rich variety of ways, the product range is collectively known as “Multi-joint stages”.

Fine adjustment of positioning is made easier!Introducing a handle-less and tool-less new concept stage!!

Slide operation dovetail stage

Slide operation dovetail stage

Slide operation dovetail stage is a highly accurate dovetail stage without rack and pinion mechanism and handle.
Thin and light weighted stage enables fast-movement with simple sliding operation.
A significant price reduction was achieved by reducing the number of components and assembly man-hour.
Unlike conventional dovetail stages, since the sliding block is detachable, work-piece or jig can be installed from the back side of the sliding block.

Microscopes essential to all industrial manufacturing, processing and inspection processes

Measure Scope


Measure Scopes are microscopes essential to all industrial manufacturing, processing and inspection processes. They have high utility value as peripheral devices offering optical support in the positioning and setting, etc., of machine tools, measurement instrumentation and other devices.
Compact and easy to use, they can be applied to a wide range of tasks, from visual inspection and monitor observation to image measurement and digital photography. Our product lineup features a rich and detailed variety of models and accessories, able to meet a wide range of needs at low cost.

Real time digital transmission of a wide variety of microscope and lens images

Digital Catch


An ideal device for industrial, laboratory, medical, cosmetics, etc. DigitaCatch can be mounted onto MIRUC’s measure scope.
Captured movies and image data are transmit and share via WiFi to PC, tablet-type device, smartphone. With wireless transmission, you can connect to 3 devices at the same time within up to 10 meters. Also, DigitalCatch can be mounted onto other manufacturers’ microscope lenses, loupes, and C-mount lens.
DigitalCatch can be mounted on to our measure scope to display eyepiece micrometer and workpiece on tablet-type device. And it is available for visual measurement, inspection and positioning while looking at the monitor. In addition to the wireless type, there are cable connection types of USB that can always connect the power supply.

In the pursuit of high quality and low cost,we provide a full range of peripheral products in order to enhance lens functionality

Machine Vision Lens

Image Recognition Lens

In the high tech and factory automation industry sectors, there are constant demands for energy conservation and streamlining, and products must satisfy a growing diversity of needs. As regards the specifications of lenses used in image recognition, we receive various demands, according to the intended application, and the types of lenses used range from very high quality, to custom-made and general purpose lenses, each depending on the intended application.
Unfortunately, however, there are many actual devices, production lines and work places where the products used are more expensive than they need to be, and are not suited to the application.
We provide image recognition lenses as simple and low cost tools, to help cut device installation and work place costs and improve work efficiency.

The ultimate suction and conveyance No fear of spoiling products with scratches, dirt, fingerprints or soiling

Air Pit

Air Pit

One-touch Air Pit is an advanced vacuum pickup instrument that is widely used in many industries, ranging through semiconductors, electronics, precision instrumentation, optics, clocks and watches and precious metals, etc. It is particularly powerful in the handling, inspection and assembly of parts and components and products, and is a valuable support tool in detailed manual work.
Objects can be picked up and conveyed without manual contact, so there is no danger of contaminating an item with scratches, dirt, fingerprints or soiling, and, in comparison with conventional tweezers, there is a significant reduction in operator fatigue of the eyes and fingers, and work efficiency is greatly increased. We have prepared a full lineup of tip attachments which can be replaced to match application needs.

We offer fully customizable products to meet your exact need.

Custom made

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“I’d like to request products along the image I have.” “Ready-made products are not suitable for use.” MIRUC can produce special order products according to customer’s specifications. There are more than 10000 types combinations of semi-order stage. We have made over 1000 kinds of custom-made eyepiece micrometer. We can offer custom-designed setting scope according to customer’s request.
DigitalCatch can be modified to be attached to endoscope and various equipment. Modifications of the main body part of vacuum pen (Air Pit) are available. Also, special tip attachments with special shape / material are produceable.

Artificial intelligence makes it very easy to construct a highly precise image processing system!

Artificial Intelligence AI HAYABUSA


If you have any problems in visual inspection and existing image processing, inspection of AI (Artificial Intelligence) + machine learning will solve problems in “Automation” ”Savings in labor” “high-speed processing” “Quality improvement” “Improvement in inspection efficiency”.
There are the following advantages by introducing AI HAYABUSA. The inspection by the experienced person is unnecessary. The unevenness of the judgment decreases. Constant detectability. Furthermore, inspection precision improves. Automated inspection and judgment will make it no need to re-identification and leads to speedup.
Cost savings by workload reduction and elimination of wastes.