We want to choose products that are easy to use.
Low cost, high precision, and long-lasting use.
Something that fits comfortably in your hand.


Our CommitmentMaster Craftsmanship

Miruc Optical is particular about products MADE IN JAPAN.
The reason we insist on manufacturing our products in Japan is that we want to provide
high-quality and long lasting tool and deliver craftman’s thoughts and reliability for our products and craftman’s spirit.
Total support package that includes repair and maintenance with spirit of peace of mind and hospitalities.
We will continue to offer the solutions that can be used in wide range by using analog-to-digital and latest AI technology.




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  • 経済産業省 関東経済産業局
  • Online Company Directory 「Protechnology Japan」
  • Project of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Industry and Labor Bureau “Tokyo Kaisha Hakken Den”
  • J-GoodTech
  • Apérza Catalog
  • IPROS Mono-dzukuri
  • Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.