Simple, comfortable pen operation. Catch and release without touching.

Air Pit

One-touch Air Pit is an advanced vacuum pickup instrument that is widely used in many industries, ranging through semiconductors, electronics, precision instrumentation, optics, clocks and watches and precious metals, etc. It is particularly powerful in the handling, inspection and assembly of parts and components and products, and is a valuable support tool in detailed manual work.
Objects can be picked up and conveyed without manual contact, so there is no danger of contaminating an item with scratches, dirt, fingerprints or soiling, and, in comparison with conventional tweezers, there is a significant reduction in operator fatigue of the eyes and fingers, and work efficiency is greatly increased. We have prepared a full lineup of tip attachments which can be replaced to match application needs.


Replace as needed

You can easily replace the attachment with a rubber pad, syringe, or spatula type attachment according to your application.

Choice of air environment

Use the piped air within a factory or workplace, or a commercially available vacuum pump. By connecting pipe joints to our special pump, one pump can supply air to up to five units.

Flexible usage

In addition to being used as a vacuum pickup unit, Air Pit can also be used as a cleaner, eliminating dirt, dust and other microscopic particles. Or, in discharge mode, it can be used as an air gun of for cooling parts and components. .

Simple construction

The attachments are light and very easy to maintain.


Standard tip attachments

Metallic tip attachments

Tip attachments are plated with low cadmium brass, offering excellent heat resistance at the lowest cost.


The front section is a soft resin, and an object will not be scratched when manipulated. Also, the attachments have improved chemical resistance.

PEEK conductive tip attachments

The Polypenco PEEK resin is compounded with carbon for electrostatistic protection, and its conductivity has been improved. These attachments are best suited for manipulation of very small electronic parts and devices that are very sensitive to static electricity. [Volume resistivity value: 105-6Ω.cm]


SUS syringe-type attachments

SUS syringe-type attachments
Our syringe-type attachments use a polished and chamfered stainless steel pipe as the suction surface.
A minimum hole diameter of φ0.1 is available for handling ultra-light micro-components. With the use of the Air Pit air volume control screw, suction and release can be made very smooth indeed. Straight type, 45° angle type and elliptical suction hole types are available.


Conductive rubber pad attachments

Conductive rubber pad attachments
Attachments with rubber pads are useful for suction and manipulation of relatively large and heavy objects. The hard rubbers do not deform easily and the suction hole diameters are large. For electrostatic protection, the silicone rubber is compounded with the carbon to improve its conductivity. [Volume resistivity value: 5 Ω cm]
Because of its high adhesion capacity, the rubber can be used to maintain the suction force of an object. You can safely use rubber pad attachments to manipulate lenses and prism glasses. (If you cannot release the object smoothly, loosen the airflow adjustment screw of the air pit.)


Spatula-type attachments

Spatula-type attachments
Spatula-type attachments have been designed for suction, and carrying large dimension circular or square plates. Both stainless steel spatulas and Teflon coated spatulas are provided.
The spatula-type attachments are appropriate for the handling of silicon wafers, CDs and glass plates.