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From Consultation on Product Selection and Combinations to Testing

Product Usage Consultation and Testing Service

Experienced engineers of Miruc Optical assist individual customers one on one with their problems.

- Customers who are not sure what to select from the vast lineup of Miruc products
- Customers who seek advice on the best combination of products that matches the work conditions or the target workpiece
- Customers who want to send the actual workpiece to us by mail and have it tested with an optimal equipment configuration

Customers troubled by a problem or seeking advice are responded to individually by our design engineers, instead of sales representatives. Leveraging the know-how they have amassed over the years, these engineers offer the best possible solutions to the customers' problems.

  • Receive a request from a customer
  • - Consider the request
    - Prepare an improvement measure or other proposal
    - Conduct tests using a sample workpiece
    (when a sample workpiece has been sent by mail from the customer)
    and more
  • - Propose the best combination of products and a concrete usage method!
    - Report test results for the customer's sample workpiece!

See also the blog presenting examples of improvement proposals submitted to Miruc Optical's customers.

Case 1You want to inform us about your problem or request.

In this case, you fill out our application form, describing what kind of problem you have with the work you perform using existing tools and how you want to improve it. You can email the request form to us or call us directly.

Recommended if you fit the description below! This is the easiest and quickest application method. It is recommended particularly
When you seek advice on a rough plan for improvement as the first step
When you have a problem but do not know how to improve the situation or what improvement measures are available
When you want to design the overall equipment configuration from the ground up for the new work tools you are going to need.

Examples of improvement proposals

Case 2You want to send a sample workpiece to us by mail.

In this case, you send us by mail the sample workpiece used for the target work.
Our engineers test the sample workpiece by using our equipment, taking photos, etc. and report the test results to you.

Recommended if you fit the description below! This application method is recommended: When you want us to propose an equipment configuration that matches the characteristics of your workpiece, such as its special shape and material
When you want to send us conforming and non-conforming workpieces and want us to find out an equipment configuration that can reliably judge whether workpieces are conforming or non-conforming
When you want us to take photos while changing the magnifying power and other conditions for a test in which enlarged photos of the workpiece are taken.

Examples of improvement proposals

Case 3You want to send us photos or drawings of your existing equipment or workpiece.

In this case, you send us the image or photo data of your work tools, work environment, workpiece drawings, etc. Our engineers choose Miruc products or propose a combination of devices to suit your desired improvement.

Recommended if you fit the description below! This application method is recommended: When you want us to propose a product or products that can be used in combination of your existing devices and equipment
When you cannot take the workpiece outside your company
When you need an equipment configuration that matches your special work environment.
We not only advise you on how to use the devices that match your work environment and conditions but also lease those devices.

Examples of improvement proposals

Flow of application

Submit an application.


Fill out the application form, describing what you want,
indicating your intention to apply for the service,
specifying your desired schedule, etc., and send it to us.

Receive the application for the service.

Miruc Optical

We reply to you about whether we can accommodate your request, schedule, etc. When you send your sample workpiece to us by mail (as in Case 2), we inform you about the concrete procedure.

Case 1 or 3

Case 2


Send your workpiece to us by mail.

Consider the received request and conduct tests at Miruc Optical.

Miruc Optical

Our engineers: - Choose products that are recommended to you
- Propose the usage method of the combination of products and prepare an improvement proposal
- Conduct tests using your sample workpiece (Case 2)

Report the proposal and test results.

Miruc Optical

We report the proposal and test results to you.
(At your request, we lease the proposed devices and equipment configuration.)

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