Received “Commissioner’s Award Patent Office” in Award for Meritorious Achievement in Intellectual Property in 2020

Received Meritorious Achievement Award in Intellectual Property, Commissioner’s Award in 2020

Auspicious day in June of Reiwa 2

Miruc Optical Co., Ltd. this time received “Meritorious Achievement Award in Intellectual Property, Commissioner’s Award” in “Award of Intellectual Property Rights System Utilization Blue-chip companies in 2020”.

Our company has been working on strategic intellectual property management under the motto of research and development involving intellectual property rights. We are deeply moved by the fact that the steady efforts of small and medium-sized companies have been recognized and that we have been given the undeserved honor of the “Commendation by the Commissioner of the Patent Office”.
We are very grateful to have been given such an honor.
Encouraged by this award, we will continue to strive to create, protect and utilize intellectual property rights , which are “intangible assets”, through innovative ideas and originality and ingenuity and we aim to be an “intellectual manufacturing company” that can contribute to society.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

Miruc Optical Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Hiroaki muramatsu

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