WiFi Eyepiece Camera MV-2014,MV-2014-SP

WiFi Eyepiece Camera MV-2014

Mount this camera onto our Measure Scope to display eyepiece micrometer (burette) images on a terminal monitor for easy visual measurement, inspection and positioning on-screen.
It can be mounted onto loupes or the microscopes (eyepiece) of almost any other manufacturer, so that observations made with the naked eye can be upgraded to digital images.

WiFi C-mount Camera MV-2015

WiFi C-mount Camera MV-2015

This camera can be mounted onto the C mounts of binocular microscopes, trinocular microscopes and almost any other C mount, enabling observation on terminal monitors. (Always be sure to use the accessory 5 mm ring for attachment.)

Special features of this product

  • Wireless


  • Digital sharing

    Digital sharing

  • High image quality

    High image quality

  • Multiple applications

    Multiple applications

  • Long operating time

    Long operating

  • High versatility

    High versatility

MV-2014・MV-2014-SP・MV-2015 Specification

Image sensor 1/4 inch color CMOS sensor
Image resolution 640 x 480 pixels
White balance Auto
Gain control Auto
Exposure Auto
Image compression (video) iOS:MOV Android:M4V
Image compression (still) iOS:JPEG Android:JPEG
Frame rate 15fps/sec.
Applicable standards IEEE802.11b/g/n
Frequency band 2.4GHz
Range Up to 10 m
Security WPA
Battery AA battery (alkali, nickel-hydrogen) x 3
Power consumption 440mA
External dimensions WiFi eyepiece camera :
WiFi C-mount camera :
(with ring adapter attached)
Inner diameter of eyepiece
lens attachment
(WiFi eyepiece lens camera)
Weight WiFi eyepiece camera:
150 g (excluding batteries),180g(SP)
WiFi C- mount camera:
110 g(with ring adapter attached, excluding batteries)
Operating temperature 0℃~50℃
Supported OS Apple iOS devices, Android devices,
iOS (iPad/iPhone 3GS+), Android (2.3.x+)