A special feature of the telecentric lens is that, even if the workpiece is raised or lowered during focus adjustment, the size (magnification) of the image does not change, and the whole of the work face can be photographed from directly in front.
It is with confidence that we recommend the MRC series as outstanding device mounting lenses, ideal for high precision positioning and size measurement, and delivering high resolution with low distortion.

Our goal is to get as close as possible to zero distortion.

Our aberration-free design concept has been used to eradicate image distortion. Now there is no need to worry about distortion correction in inspection operations.

"Distortion-free" is our aim

High contrast design to reduce the software burden

Sharpened design precision and improved contrast.
Enabling image recognition with sharp monochrome and light – dark definition.

Low cost achieved by using fewer lenses

Compact and reasonable design allows the design of devices and their peripherals to be compact also.
By reducing the number of lenses without sacrificing high performance, and the sharing of cutting parts and components, we have been able to reduce costs.

Thumb cameras also available

By simply replacing the C mount lens with the special adapter the telecentric lens can be converted into a slim φ17 thumb camera.

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