Special Conversion adapter for Telecentric lens

Simply exchange with a C mount section to switch for NF mount and φ17 thumb camera.

WD40 – 65 – 110 series can be used. WD150 – 170 series cannot be used.

NF mount adapter

φ17 Thumb camera conversion adapter

Rear converter lens RC series

Install between camera systems to increase magnification.
Ideal for when the magnification needs to be increased while maintaining the operating distance. Five variations available.

RC-1.5 (1.5x)CAD(PDF)CAD(DXF)
RC-2.0 (1.5x)CAD(PDF)CAD(DXF)
RC-2.5 (2.5x)CAD(PDF)CAD(DXF)
RC-3.0 (3.0x)CAD(PDF)CAD(DXF)
RC-4.0 (4.0x)CAD(PDF)CAD(DXF)

Prism adapter (PAL series)

Attach to the lens,
and the optical axis can be bent.