WiFi Eyepiece Camera MV-2014,MV-2014-SP

WiFi Eyepiece Camera MV-2014

Mount this camera onto our Measure Scope to display eyepiece micrometer (burette) images on a terminal monitor for easy visual measurement, inspection and positioning on-screen.
It can be mounted onto loupes or the microscopes (eyepiece) of almost any other manufacturer, so that observations made with the naked eye can be upgraded to digital images.
Please download the dedicated viewer software, Wi-Viewer (Free) from this QR code.
(only for iOS)

WiFi C-mount Camera MV-2015

WiFi C-mount Camera MV-2015

This camera can be mounted onto the C mounts of binocular microscopes, trinocular microscopes and almost any other C mount, enabling observation on terminal monitors. (Always be sure to use the accessory 5 mm ring for attachment.)
Please download the dedicated viewer software, Wi-Viewer (Free) from this QR code.
(only for iOS)

Special features of this product

  • Wireless


  • Digital sharing

    Digital sharing

  • High image quality

    High image quality

  • Multiple applications

    Multiple applications

  • Long operating time

    Long operating

  • High versatility

    High versatility

MV-2014・MV-2014-SP・MV-2015 Specification

Image sensor1/4 inch color CMOS sensor
Image resolution640 x 480 pixels
White balanceAuto
Gain controlAuto
Image compression (video)iOS:MOV
Image compression (still)iOS:JPEG
Frame rate15fps/sec.
Applicable standardsIEEE802.11b/g/n
Frequency band2.4GHz
RangeUp to 10 m
BatteryAA battery (alkali, nickel-hydrogen) x 3
Power consumption440mA
External dimensionsWiFi eyepiece camera :
WiFi C-mount camera :
(with ring adapter attached)
Inner diameter of eyepiece
lens attachment
(WiFi eyepiece lens camera)
Weight WiFi eyepiece camera:
150 g (excluding batteries),180g(SP)
WiFi C- mount camera:
110 g(with ring adapter attached, excluding batteries)
Operating temperature0℃~50℃
Supported OS Apple iOS devices
iOS (iPad/iPhone 3GS+)