White ring LED illumination device (for use with fixed magnification objective lenses)



With long life and low power consumption, the ring LED illumination device can provide uniform lighting without flicker or light unevenness. Designed for ease of use, the illumination device can be switched on or off, and the brightness adjusted.
With its own built-in transformer, the device only needs to be plugged directly into an AC100V power supply, and takes up very little space. Two white LED arrays are arranged at different angles, and can provide bright light at all objective lens operating distances from OBD1X to 10x.

※cable: approx. 1800mm
・Luminosity: 14,000 Lux (WD: 85mm with OBD2X)
・Luminosity: 3,600 Lux (WD: 176mm with OBD1X)


White ring LED illumination device(for zoom lenses)



This is illumination device of compact and high illuminance type. It is compatible with zoom lens with a mounting diameter of φ28mm with a 3-point screw structure.

※Length of lighting cable: approx. 1160mm
※Length of power cable: approx. 650mm


White LED illumination device



This is a low cost white LED illumination device that uses a penlight. There is no cabling, making it ideal for use around machinery and devices. The flexible arm extends from a fixing bracket that sits in the φ14 shaft, allowing the position and angle of the penlight to be adjusted at will.

* The penlight may differ from the one illustrated here. As it uses a dry cell battery, it is not suitable for prolonged, continuous use. Also, it cannot be used for monitor observation.

ML-3 fixing bracket

There is a special fixing bracket that can be ordered for the ML-3 exclusively. The shaft mounting diameter is φ14, and the holder section will take commercially available penlights ranging from φ14 to φ25.

White spotlight illumination device



This is a spotlight illumination device for the coaxial incident illumination barrel MW-1 (B). It is an ultra-compact, lightweight and long-life white LED, and its simple power supply means that it takes up very little space. It also features a brightness control function.

* An optional extension cable (1,000 mm) is also available.

Spare fluorescent lamp


Spare fluorescent lamp for ML-5

We have discontinued the set item ML-5.
We will continue selling expendable spare fluorescent lights.
LED illumination device (ML – 1 or ML – 8) are available as alternative product.

2 branch fiber illumination device



This unit provides spot lighting from two branches.
The semi-lock type SUS tubes allow fixing in any position.
Bi-directional illumination allows you to change the lighting angle for edge emphasis and means that workpieces with uneven or twisted surfaces can be illuminated effectively.

* Fiber cable length L=500mm

Compact white ring illumination device (for use with fixed magnification objective lenses)



The LED lighting section has an external diameter of φ40. It is compact, lightweight and low cost illumination device.
Because of the device is space saving, it is ideal for applications that are likely to interfere with the surrounding environment, such as at the installation onto equipment.
ON/OFF and light intensity adjustment are possible in the light source section.

* Lighting cable length L=1800 mm approx
* Power supply cable length L=1760 mm approx
・Luminosity: 20,000 Lux (WD: 85mm with OBD2X)
・Luminosity: 6,600 Lux (WD: 176mm with OBD1X)