〈Air Pit〉 for greater work efficiency

Pick up and convey with simple pen operation. Select from a rich lineup of combinations for comfortable handling and greater efficiency in the working environment.

P Type

P Type

P type : Suction when pressed, blocked when released

N/O Type

N/O Type

N/O type : Suction when released, blocked when pressed

Actual size diagram of external dimensions (0° to 40° bend type)

Short type example

The short type fits into the palm of the hand and is ideal for operations where the shutter button is operated by the thumb.

The bending angle of air pit

Two types of Air Pit body are available: the 0° to 40° jointed type, and the 40° to 90°jointed type. Loosen the cap ring (3) and bend the tip in any desired angle and rotate the tip cap (2) 360° . To fix the position, simply tighten (3) in the desired angle/ direction.

The functions of the airflow adjustment screw

You can change the air flow rate using the airflow adjustment screw (4) according to the object’s weight and size. It is common to use the air pit with its screw slightly loose. When you are handling a very light and very small object, completely loosen the screw to smoothly release the object. When you handle a heavy object, tighten the screw to increase the suction force of the air pit.