Two-dimensional image measurement software MIC

MIC is a software product that enables simple two dimensional measurement on a PC of USB camera images from a measure scope or TV macro lens, etc. Once MIC is installed, many kinds of measurement and image application can be performed. In addition, it offers excellent cost performance.

Watch and capture

Watch and capture

All you have to do is set up a USB camera with your measure scope or TV macro lens,etc., and connect to a PC.
Then you can see the images from the camera in real time on the PC monitor.

Time lapse functionTime lapse function
The time lapse function enables the user to scan a designated number of pictures within a specified time, or at time-specific intervals.


Enhanced editing functionality includes a text mode that allows you to insert comments, and a print mode that allows you to insert measurements and comments into an image and then print it out.


It’s as simple as tracing a line from the captured image and connecting up the dots.
Measurement can be carried out flexibly using just a mouse.

Distance measurement

Easy to measure the distance between two given points or lines, etc.

Area and circumference length measurement

Calculate circumference lengths and areas.

Three point circular arc asurement

This function allows you to generate an arc and to measure its length and the angles that form the arc, etc.

Four point angle measurement

The four point angle measurement function allows you to specify points and then measure the angles of the intersecting line sections.

Operating environment

Main unitPC running Japanese version Microsoft Windows XP
(Recommended CPU Pentium 4 1.60 GHz or higher)
USB-II: 2 or more lines (USB camera, USB key)
OSJapanese version
Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7
English version
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7
OptionsCalibration glass scale included